Basilisk is my first published game. I have worked on some projects with other students, made contributions to translate a game design little book, also have learnt some Unity, UE4 and Blender. It’s the time to show my work.

It is reborn from an board game idea, in which human and robots competing with each other while sharing a same techinique tree and resource pool. Human will try the best to prevent robots crafting the final evil machine, Basilisk, even by draining the earth’s resource.

I simplified this story and turned it into a roguelike game. It’s not complete. But I did all the works independently within a month, starting from ground. I was glad that the music I made using an afternoon was rated higher than the gameplay, while the later I actually spent quite a lot of time on it to make it tick.

But I really enjoyed the game jam. I found a lot of great games in this year’s competition, much better than last year’s.

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Created for my first game jam GameOff 2018!

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Date: Oct, 2018

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